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Russell High School, in East Point, Georgia, opened in 1924. Industrialist and philanthropist John J. Eagan donated the land for the school provided the school was named after his uncle, the late William A. Russell.

Russell High School was built in the shape of an "R" with the two "legs" made up of covered walkways headed towards the gymnasium and technical education shop, (drafting, wood, metal, and woodworking classes), buildings. Later, in 1973, a newer two story building which featured air conditioning and no classroom windows was constructed in front of the original classroom building. The year, "59", etc. was painted on the water tower each year by seniors of the graduating class.

The school closed in 1988 when it was combined with Woodland High School (East Point, Georgia), College Park High School (College Park, Georgia) and Hapeville High School (Hapeville Georgia) to form Tri-Cities High School.

The school may have closed but the memories of the class of '59 will live forever.

Go Wildcats!

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