I joined the Navy Reserves (Sea Bees) before graduation and was called to active duty on my birthday in 1960 and shipped to Guam. After the first year, I returned to visit my mother in Ft. Pierce FL.  I met my wife on New Year’s Eve 1960 and eight days later, we were married.  She has been the catalyst that kept me going for the last 58 years.  Upon discharge, we left Monterey, Calf.  in March of 1962.  In the navy I had trained as a land surveyor.  After discharge, I remained in the Land Surveying Profession for all my working years, working in in Florida, Georgia and Missouri.  I became licensed to practice Land Surveying in each of those states.  I returned to retirement in Ocala, Fl, where my son and grandchildren lives.  During the course of my 60 years of professional life,  I have always been a land surveyor.  I am now retired and working as a consultant for the State of Florida Board of Surveyors and Mappers.   
   God has blessed Shirley and me in each place we resided.  We met many friends and created life long memories.  In 1969, we were also blessed with a son who in turn blessed us with a beautiful granddaughter who turns 15 this year and 2 wonderful grandchildren by marriage.
   Looking back on my life, I have no regrets other than not taking school more seriously.  Some of you may remember me as the one who cut school often and attended summer school to retake subjects I should have passed in the school year. 
   I have taught bible study for the last 30 years.  Through my worship and study, I have become closer to God. I have learned that it isn’t what we do in this world in that short dash of time between our birth and death.  It is how we prepare for our eternity after death.

Alvin Thomas Gloer

Chriistmas 2018


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