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Bonnie and husband, Dick


Bonnie Marie Webster Beaudry

Bonnie's Sons

Current address: 725 Sailfish Drive, Brandon, FL 33511-6229
Telephone: 813-689-0769
Spouse: Col. Richard Beaudry

The bud's eye view: I have lived in many places and all have a role in shaping who I am today. I was born in Washington DC and lived in Virginia, Michigan, Oklahoma, post war Japan, Iowa, Virginia, Kansas, New York, post war France, Indiana, Alabama, GEORGIA, Michigan, Nebraska, Texas, California, Tennessee, Michigan, Hawaii, Virginia, and Florida. I grew up in the military and married into the military. My main highlights were Japan, France, GEORGIA, and Hawaii. At the age of 5, I was introduced to the effects of war and the experience of international cultures in Japan. In France I went to the French school: learning algebra and geometry, German and Latin translated into French. I loved the challenge of that school! Now, GEORGIA and RHS. My 12th school and such a highlight: big school, lots of activities and good friends, and of course I had wheels. I loved the beautiful city of Atlanta with all the things to see and the history to experience. I have many fond memories of that year and half with you all. I went to Michigan State and earned a degree in nursing and married Dick. We lived in Nebraska where I worked until our first child was born. Dick was then assigned to NASA in Texas where we had three more children. My life took a dramatic turn with 4 boys under the age of 3. Our next highlight was Hawaii and again multi-cultural, multi language and loaded with history. The boys were in early elementary school with Japanese-American teachers teaching Hawaiian culture. We took full advantage of the opportunity and saw as much as we could. We toured Pearl Harbor, put flags on the graves at the Punch Bowl cemetery, hiked the hills to find the buried Zero, shopped in Chinato~ rang the bell at the Buddhist temple, and road the waves. But for Dick the biggest honor (having been in Vietnam) was to be on one of the flights to Hanoi to pick up the released prisoners. We were there to greet the plane when it came in for refueling. Back on the Mainland I took a refresher course and went back to work. Our final assignment was Florida where we stayed. I continued working. We put 4 kids through college in 6 years. Now we have a HS English teacher in SC, an Attorney in GA, a Veterinarian in FL and a Financial Advisor in NC. They're all married and we have 7 grandchildren.

Well, I've been a traveling woman, a stay at home mom and a working mom and grandmother. After 30 years here I have the other side of life: long time dear friends close by