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Carol Sue Callahan McCrite

Current address: 356 Enchanted Ridge, Whittier, NC 28789 Telephone:   828-508-3273 M
Email: DKREK.78@gmail.com
Married Richard McCrite RHS class of '56

McCrite Family Christmas 2007

L to R: 1st row - Carol Callahan, Janelle King.

2nd row - Linda Harris, Amelia Fagan, Linda Shaw, Sharon Christmas.


Following graduation from Russell, I attended Massey Business College and mastered the comptometer, among other skills, landing a job at King and Spalding, a large Atlanta law firm.  I married my "childhood sweetheart,"  Richard McCrite (Class of l956) and we settled in East Point. Following the birth of our first daughter,  I returned to legal  field and was employed by Hansell, Post, Brandon & Dorsey.  During my years as a stay-at-home mom to five daughters (five of a kind beats a full house) I took up the hobby of writing to preserve my sanity.  We moved to Montreat, NC where I was Administrative Assistant to Development and Public Relations departments of Montreat-Anderson College.  At this juncture I went back to college and audited many English, creative writing and journalism courses. 
In the late Seventies I entered the world of news journalism in the Florida Panhandle where we had built a home in Seagrove Beach.  Over the years I expanded the size of the pond and  freelanced while writing for many different newsgroups.  My humor columns catapulted me into fifteen minutes of fame---- so I did what any writer dreams between deadlines----wrote a book. 
 In the early Eighties I was employed by the founder or Seaside, FL as their first Publicist and Program Coordinator. I created newsletters, PR pieces, and full-length feature stories to promote the now-world famous resort village.
By the mid Nineties I  served as founder/editor/writer for a not-for-profit arts organization who penned recollections of Panhandle pioneers.  Following the success of the first book, we went on to write, edit, and publish other historical treasures that eventually translated into a county-wide folk life play.  Due to a debilitating eye disease and loss of sight, I "retired" in 2000 though I still enjoy journaling  with the hopes that some day our thirteen grandchildren (8 of which are boys)--- and an undetermined number of great-grandchildrens yet to come, will read the Journals and say, "Wow."  (Thank you Mrs. Parker. )
Dick and I have enjoyed 14 wonderful, beautiful years together---and out of 48, that ain't bad.  We've shared mutual interests in music, community theater, history, politics and lively debates over "our own particular point of view."  We now reside in the mountains of Western North Carolina near Cherokee.