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Ethan (grandson - Steve & Heather's son)



Current address: 7702 Hoff Lane, Knoxville, TN 37938
Telephone: 865-687-7695
Email: danrwilson4@comcast.net
Spouse: Dan Wilson

Bob (son) and Angie (daughter-in-law) 

John (son-in-law), Beth (daughter), John III (grandson)

Dan (husband), Grace (granddaughter Bob & Angie's daughter), Eleanor

Eleanor Rose Tucker Wilson

Hailey (granddaughter - Steve & Heather's)

My goodness how time flies!!  I can’t believe that 50 years has passed since our graduation. How can that be?I have been reading the life stories of our graduating class and have really enjoyed each one.  I remember thinking as we graduated that night in May, 1959,  that this would be the last time all of us would be gathered in the same place together and it was.  Those Russell High School days hold some wonderful memories. I still think of the teachers I had.  Those were good times.  

After graduation, I entered Carson-Newman College, a Baptist college in East Tennessee.  It was a wonderful four years and I graduated in May, 1963, four years to the day from my high school graduation with a B.S. in Home Ec. Education and a B.S. Elementary Education. My first teaching job was teaching first grade in Hapeville, Georgia, and I loved it.  After that first year, I never wanted to teach anything else. I have taken extra classes through the years at Georgia State University, Auburn University, University of Tennessee, University of Georgia and Cumberland College…all toward the masters degree.

During college, a good friend of mine introduced me to a wonderful guy that she had gone to school with and the rest is history.  Dan and I dated in college and were married on July 17, 1964, at Jefferson Avenue Baptist Church in East Point. We will celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary this July.  When we were married, Dan had finished college and had enlisted in the Army.  So, our first year and a half of marriage was spent at Fort Benning, Georgia.  In February, 1966, Dan was discharged from the Army and we headed to Knoxville, Tennessee, where a banking job was waiting for him.  We have been in Knoxville ever since!  We have three children…Bob, Steve and Beth.  All our children are grown and married and we have four grandchildren..two boys and two girls.  I was a stay at home mom for 13 years and then went back into the classroom and taught first grade for 20 years.  I retired in May, 2001.  Dan worked at the University of Tennessee for 31 years and he retired in December, 2000.  He still works there one day a week.  Our son, Bob, works for Moxley Carmichael, a public relations company here in Knoxville, Tennessee, and he is married to Angie and they have a daughter, Grace, who is 10 years old.  Our son, Steve and his wife, Heather, live in Marietta, Georgia.  He is the controller for the legal newspaper, The Daily Report, in Atlanta. They have two children, Ethan who is 6 and in kindergarten and Hailey who is 3.  Our daughter, Beth, is married to John Walters, Jr., and they live in Fountain Inn, South Carolina.  They have an 18 month old little boy, John III.  Beth is a stay at home mom and John works for Essential StaffCare setting up health plans for companies all over the United States.

We are definitely a “Big Orange” (University of Tennessee) family.  Dan, Bob, Steve, Beth and Angie all have college degrees from UT.  We have enjoyed having season tickets for the UT football games for about 35 years and love game days.  Go Vols!!

Our family life has been centered around our church, Central Baptist of Fountain City, where Dan is a deacon and where we have spent many years being involved.  Dan and I deliver Mobile Meals each week to the elderly in our area. We love reading, traveling, working on family genealogy, biking and hiking.  Dan loves music and jamming with a group of guys for fun and I am into making handmade art quilts.  I enjoy doing sewing projects for the entire family and their homes. We enjoy traveling to see the grandchildren play sports, perform piano recitals, dance recitals and voice concerts. We love having them come home often for visits. We belong to the local health club and stay as active as possible.  We love the mountains and the East Tennessee beauty. We feel blessed to have good health. God has richly blessed us all through the years.

Heather (daughter-in-law) and Steve (son)