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Grandchildren Michael, Gabriel with Jim & Bonnie

Jim & grandchildren


 July 14, 2014

Last address: 10823 Lucas Street, PO Box 2595, Whitehouse, OH 43571
Telephone: 419-877-5680
Spouse: Bonnie


Jim & grandchildren

Jim, Grandchild &  Bonnie (Wife)

James (Jim)Gaylord Nixon


  • B.S.I.M. – GA Tech – 1965, cramming four years into six while working with the YMCA
  • MBA – GA State College -1967
  • THM– Dallas Theological Seminary – 1974


  • S.W. & S.E. – YMCA – Various capacities 1959-1967
  • Fulton Federal S& L – Loan Officer 1967 – 1970, while there implementing the Truth and  Lending  law and introducing the Student Loan Program granting myself a student loan to go back to school in the fall of 1970 (don’t tell the auditor!)
  • Pastor- Bethany Baptist Church in Swanton, OH 1974-86
  • Taught in Toledo’s Center for Biblical Studies, 1976-86 including a stint as president.
  • Pastor Brailey Union Church in Swanton, OH 1986-2006.  Retired in Nov. ‘06
  • Currently teaching Sunday School and in the Bible Institute of Monclova Road Baptist Church just outside Toledo.

Married the former Bonnie June Gevas from California  9/17/67 (Yes, I remember the date!) while she was a nursing student at Grady Memorial Hospital.  We are the proud parents of four sons between the ages of 30 and 40.  Best of all we have eight grandchildren, all living in close proximity.

Hobbies and Interests
My interests continue to be Bible study and theology especially prophecy and apologetics.  My appearance doesn’t reflect it, but I still workout three days a week.  For a time, I was a “jogger” earning two total knee replacements.  Now I take “Smokey” our German Shepherd mix for daily walks.  Some would say he takes me.  As incredible as it sounds, I have toyed with the idea of writing a book about dogs and theology seeking to answer every pet lovers question, “Will my pet be in heaven?”  But as you can tell by my writing, it’s probably a bad idea.  Of course it is far more important to know you are going to heaven and you can know for sure by trusting your Lord and Savior.

My wife enjoys fishing and gardening.  I enjoy the fruits and fish of her labors.  Most of all, we enjoy the games, recitals, etc. of our grandchildren.  God, in keeping with  His nature, has been very good to us and we thank Him for this.