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John William Hinchey

Sunrise from John's home on Daufaskie Island, SC


  • Being painted with shoe polish and lipstick my Sub-freshman year;
  • Awe and fear of L.L. Deck and Cecil Jackson;
  • Excitement of learning from Thomas Piziak (Physics Teacher);
  • Wanting to “make” the Varsity Football Team; then doing so and sharing the pain of long hot practices in late summer with teammates; the smells (yuck) and camaraderie  of the locker room; excitement of Friday night games; seeing the outside world on Away Games--like cross-town to Decatur HS;
  • Enjoying Cherry Pepsis at the soda shop across the street (13 cents);
  • Practicing, bonding and performing with my classmates during the Senior Play (“Annie Get Your Gun”);
  • Senior Year overnight parties and ‘cruising’ with classmates; looking forward to graduation.  “But, after then-- What next?”


  • Wanting to go to “Tech” like my buddies-- and carry a cool “Slide Rule”, but I was not so good with calculus--So that didn’t work!
  • Following in footsteps of my father and grandfather (both preachers), going off to Carson-Newman College, Jefferson City, TN (then known as “Preacher Tech);
  • But, thinking, maybe,  I could handle more than “10 Laws”,  so, I entered Emory Law School after 3 years undergraduate school (OK then, not now);
  •  “Well, I really liked the law and the academic life”; so, I applied for and got a scholarship to Harvard Law School for an LL.M.
  • But, I wanted to really “See the World”.  Amazing--I’m offered a Ford Fellowship to go to Pakistan and work for the Chief Justice in Lahore.  After a year in Pakistan and India,  I took the long way home through Russia, East Europe, Turkey, India, Japan, and arrived home in East Point in February, 1968--flat broke, weighing in at 150 lbs-- and, needing a real job.


  • Having met and fallen in love with my Soul Mate following law school and Pakistan, I asked Sherie Paulette Archer (RHS-1964) to share my hopes, dreams and whatever the future might hold for both of us.  We were married at Jefferson Avenue Baptist Church by my Father, Roy W. Hinchey on May 12, 1968.
  • No time for a Honeymoon, so I took Paulette to Stone Mountain Park for the weekend and went to work the following Monday with the Georgia Attorney General.
  • Two years later, along came Paul William; two years after that, Meredith Marie; and we thought we had our family in place.
  • I had a challenging, but blessed career in law: Assistant Attorney General, then private practice--but, then, 8 years into my career, we took an unheard of “sabbatical” at Oxford University in England;
  • Another Surprise! 15 years later in October, 1987, along came our second son, John Oliver--Finally, our immediate family is complete.


  • I honor my father, Roy W. Hinchey, pastor, preacher, writer and counselor, for the wise example that a life of leadership means a life of service;
  • I honor my mother, Ruth Ownby Hinchey, for the discipline of work that must never cease until the job is done;
  • I adore and honor my wife of 40 years and counting, Sherie Paulette Hinchey, who has been my best friend, my cheerleader, my strong support and critic, and who was marked as my soul mate from the beginning to the end of time;
  • I love and respect my sons and daughter, Paul, Meredith and John Oliver--who have honored their parents by exemplary lives--our sons who serve in the armed forces of their country, and our daughter as a nurse, mother and homemaker;
  • We cherish the love, joy and promise of our four grandchildren: From Paul and Renee: Paulina (age 10) and John Norman (age 5); From Meredith and Matt: Sarah Grace (age 10) and Matthew Payne (age 7);
  • Paulette and I have been blessed beyond measure with the joys, pains and challenges of life.  Now, we look forward to the future and pray every day for opportunities to give back and pass forward to others some of the lessons and gifts we have received.

Thank You, Classmates, For Your Early Friendship And Providing Me With  A Strong Base To Step Out Into The World.


Paulette- John Oliver(US Navy) returning from Iraq,

Nov. 2008 -John

 Current Address: 24 Lullwater Estate, NE, Atlanta, GA 30307
                             94 Martin Angel Lane, Daufuski Island, SC 29915
Telephone:    404-378-1256 (GA)  843-842-5443 (SC)
Spouse: Paulette Archer RHS '64

John in Pakistan --1967

Paulina(granddaughter), Renee(daughter-in-law), Paul (son), John Norman(grandson), Siberian Huskey(family dog), John Oliver(son), Matt(grandson), Matthew Payne(son-in-law)
Sarah Grace(granddaughter), Meredith(daughter)
Rear: Paulette(wife) and John

John's children: Paul, Meredith, John Oliver 

Sarah Grace, Meredith, Matt and Matthew Payne 

Renee, Paulina, John Norman and Paul Hinchey