Last address: 1638 Church ST, # 116, Decatur, GA 30033
Spouse: Sharon (deceased)

home of the wildcats


‚Äč9/8/1940 - 5/23/2016


Lester Marshall Jenkins

After leaving Russell,  I went to Alabama Christian College for a few months to study for the ministry for the Church of Christ.  I met my wife, Sharon Marie Fowler, while attending ACC.  We married on March 23, 1961 and had a daughter, Teresa Marie Jenkins, born July 21, 1963.  Teresa graduated from Walter F. George High School and then she went on to work at Red Lobster Special Jobs for Special People.  She lived at group homes for multi-handicapped adults.  From the time I married until I retired, I worked for the Georgia Co-operative Services for the Blind.  My daughter died on June 27, 1996 and my wife died August 2, 2003.  I was forced to retire in June 1996 on Social Security.  I preach on Sundays here at the Tucker Nursing Center where I have lived for about 10 years.