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School and Career
I started attending Georgia Tech in 1959, but due to lack of money I transferred to night school at Georgia State and began work as a laboratory assistant at the Georgia State Health Department.  In 1961, while still attending night school, I started my 30-year civil service career at the Centers for Disease Control. In 1969 I attended Tulane University and received a Masters Degree.  Upon returning to the CDC, I was awarded a full scholarship, plus full pay (your tax money at work), to attend The University of Georgia where I receive a PhD in Microbiology. My career provided me with the opportunity to travel and meet a variety of interesting people from around the world. In 1992 after 30 years, I decided to retire from the CDC.  I worked in Mexico City for the Ministry of Health and, after one year, I wanted “back in the good old USA”.  I thank God for a wonderful and exciting ride.

Living and Hobbies
  In the 1960’s:

  • Volunteer work with children at Central Baptist Mission near the Atlanta Stadium
  • Water-skied every warm weekend
  • In cooler weather went backpacking
  • Built a Duplex in Tucker in 1962

In the 70’s:

  • Raised Horses and cows and worked an 100 acre farm

In the 80’s:

  • Enough farm work!  Bought an airplane and took flying lessons.
  • Owned a Hobby and Craft Store.
  • Owned a Photography Laboratory.

In the 90’s and to present:

  • Bought and sold foreclosure houses. I like remodeling houses.
  • Enjoying my vegetable garden especially the fruits of that labor.
  • Paint Oil Pictures
  • Travelling the U.S. and around the World
  • Enjoy fishing
  • Enjoy my pet Schnauzer (Scharf) and cat (Buddy), family and friends


Flo in Oregon - 2008


Luna Floretta Roumillat

Current address: 442 Four Seasons CT, Dacula GA 30019
Telephone: 770-682-0550
Email: froumillat@aol.com