After high school, I attended Marsh Business College for one year and went to work. I've had several jobs over the years, but I worked the longest period (21 years) for the Army and Air Force Exchange Service Distribution Center at Fort Gillem in Forest Park, Ga. While working there I learned that the Exchange Service had a program for employees that would pay for a college education. So at the age of 40 I decided to go back to school and finally get at least two years of college education. I attended Clayton Jr. College (known now as Clayton State College and University) in Morrow, Ga. For 6 years, working full time and going to night classes. I graduated in 1986 with an Associate in Applied Science Degree (Secretarial Science). This was a good experience for me and I don't regret any of the time spent.

I continued working at Fort Gillem until October of 1998 when I took early retirement, because of downsizing at Fort Gilem. I had the service years and age requirement to qualify, so I chose to take early retirement. I returned to Clayton State in 2001 to take computer courses planning to go back to work. The type of job I wanted was not readily available, so I worked a retail job to pay my student loans. By this time I was close to Social Security age, so I sold my house and moved to Baptist Towers.

I have been fully retired for 5 years and I love being retired. I am keeping busy now with church activities, and activities offered here at Baptist Towers. I love music, sing in the church choir, do some solo work at church. I lead the singing at our Bible Study Class on Wednesday mornings at Baptist Towers. I enjoy embroidery, reading, and listening to music. I have met many nice people at Baptist Towers and have many friends here.

I have had a good life and continue to enjoy a good life.


Mary Linda Ross


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Last address: 1881 Myrtle Drive SW, Apt. 801, Atlanta, GA 30311