Rebecca Andrea Peek Hoggard

Current address: 2299 Winfred Terrace, East point, GA 30344
Telephone: 404-766-8205 (H) 678-850-0406 (M)
Spouse: Joe Hoggard - RHS '59


Joe & Becky - 2009

Becky and Joe with their family

Easter 2019

home of the wildcats

Joe and I will be married 59 years, August 2019, and have lived in East Point all of our lives.  We have two beautiful daughters, Renee and Lynn, and four "Perfect" grandchildren.  Also, we can't forget our two pretty great son-in-laws.  Joe owns and operates a retail pet store in Riverdale and I help him.  We are both in relatively good health, barring a pain or two here and there.  Our spare time, which there isn't much of these days, is spent between the Pet Show and grandchildren.  As you can tell, we are blessed.  Dull maybe, but blessed.