home of the wildcats

Conley Hills Elementary School

First Row: 1._________ 2.Mike Ingram 3.Charles Mayfield 4. Paul Duvall 5.___________
Second Row: 1.Ruth Jackson 2._________3._________ 4.Iris Atchinson 5. ___________ 6.Melanie Maloney 7.Charlotte Mathias 8.Donna Buelterman
Third Row:1.Michaelyn Overby 2.Cheryl Waller 3.Nancy House 4.Jane_________5.Martha Bagwell 6.Marlene Parker 7.Rachel Strickland 8.Patricia Nation 9.Jackie Lee 10. Jeanette Chase      11. Mrs. Staton
Fourth Row: 1._________ 2.Charles Redmond 3.Larry Wicker 4.Bobby Lake 5.Tommy Betsill   6.Wayne Page 7.John Wells 8.Jim Nixon