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Phyllis Daugherty Pitts of East Point, died Saturday, January 14, 2017


Gerald Elliott, moved to Newnan, GA from Young Harris, GA  - Dec. 2016.  His new address is on his Directory page.


David Payne - wrote inJan. 2017

For me thepast 2 years has major transition. Came to Natchitoches in April 2015 to visit family. Upon arrival I had a stroke. Five (5) days in the local hospital and then 100 days in a re-hab facility. While there my rental house in DeKalb County, GA was burglarized. However, I was not told of that for several weeks (“didn’t want to stress me more”). Family and friends stripped the house and put all into storage. I then decided to move to this historic community in Northwest Louisiana and bought a little house (one floor, 2/2, 1200 ft. sq., ½ of a duplex in a nice retirement community with wonderful neighbors). Since then, I’ve had two (2) seizures and sent to another hospital (horrible!) for a week. Was restricted from driving for six months, got back my wheels last September. Physically - I’m recovering well; mentally – not so much: PTSD has kicked in and I’m having difficulty dealing with that. Good therapists at VA are nice. Two seizures almost shut down my abilities to talk well, and having a good conversation is very difficult – I can think of something to say, but it just doesn’t get down to my voice box. Folks here enjoy talking all the time and I’m often embarrassed to get out and mingle. Church members (Natchitoches First Methodist) are understanding and kind, but they still want to talk! 
My family here is WONDERFUL!  I am missing friends and the Atlanta community, but I’m thinking this change has some new purpose in my life.